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Thottil / Jhula - wheels & Wings

Thottil / Jhula - wheels & Wings

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  • Thottil or Jhula is a traditional (grandma approved) method for putting your little one to a peaceful sleep by gentle rocking.
  • Thottil makes the sleep time transition from the mommy's tummy to the real world much easier. The womb-like effect helps the baby get a cozy nap. The rocking movement of the Thottil/Jhula helps babies to ease up if they are not in a very happy mood.
  • Firstin Thottils/Jhulas are one of a kind as they have been proved to be strong enough to support a growing baby up to the age of 3. Made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton this fabric is super soft on the baby giving your little one the sleep they deserve.


    Length - 3.5 metres

    Width - 1.2 metres

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