About Us

Congratulations!! You are a smart, eco-friendly mom as you have already taken the first step !!

You have chosen an economical, non-toxic, eco-friendly and fun-filling diapering journey for your little bundle of joy :)

KiddieHug is a venture started to introduce and promote Modern Cloth Diapers among Indian parents. When we started using Modern Cloth Diapers, our baby was 6 months old and we are thoroughly enjoying the experience! So wanted to share this diapering fun with other parents too. Diapering was never so much fun and easy as it is with Modern Cloth Diapers.

Starting with cloth diapers can definitely be a little overwhelming. If you have looked into cloth at all, you realize that these are not the cloth diapers that our mom’s may have used on us or our siblings. There are SO many different options for cloth diapers now. Imagine a bunch of cloth, doing the work of a disposable diaper? Yes! KiddieHug cloth diapers are:  Water proof and leak free, Chemical free, one size (4-17kg). We bring you home, top quality, reusable cloth diapers which keeps your baby's bum soft and rash free! They are one sized diapers that can be used from birth to potty training. Have a look at all our products, read their descriptions and buy the most suitable one for your little one. 

  • Say yes to cloth diapers 
  • Better for Earth! 
  • Better for baby! 
  • Cost effective! 
  • Super cute colors and prints!