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Leg Warmers - Tweety Pink- White

Leg Warmers - Tweety Pink- White

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  • Leg warmers are an absolute necessity for crawling babies and active toddlers.
  • They are great for knee/arm protection. Kiddiehug warmers are made of 80% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 2% Spandex.
  • They are super stretchy and are super comfortable for your baby! They are free size and are suitable from 3 months - more than 3 years.
  • They simplify diaper changes and help in easy potty training!

More info:

This is a recommended product for all ages.

  1.  For Babies - covers entire leg
  2.  For Toddlers - covers from ankle to mid-thigh
  3.  For Preschoolers - covers from ankle to knee
  4.  For Children - covers lower leg, great for arms too 
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