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2 Diapers + 4 Inserts super saver combo-1 (6kg - 17kg)

2 Diapers + 4 Inserts super saver combo-1 (6kg - 17kg)

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  • Kiddiehug diaper cover is preferred among mothers as an excellent day time diaper option.
  • Multiple extraordinary features like trim crotch, square tabs, front and back extra leak guard, in amazingly reasonable cost, has made it the best selling cloth diaper.
  • This waterproof diaper that easily lasts 2-3 hours for an average wetting babies. Once soiled, replace the insert and reuse the outer shell. If the shell is wet, air dry and reuse. The shell can be reused for 3 inserts changes.
  • This contains 2 diaper covers + 4 staydry microfiber inserts.
  • Both the shell and insert can be washed upto 300 times. It can be used for 3 months- 3 years (6 kg- 17 kg) babies/ toddlers

How to wash?

•Washing cloth diapers is simple and easy. Cloth diapers can be washed like regular garments in the machine or by hand.
•Use regular detergents such as Surf / Tide and not liquid detergents containing conditioners/fabric softeners or fragrances. These additives can cling to the fabric affecting absorbency and also irritating baby’s delicate skin.
•Also, no Detergent bar and use of brush allowed.
•The diapers can also be dried in machine or sun-dried.

Why KiddieHug?

1.Easy to use diapers, very much like disposables.
2.Trim crotch diapers.
3.Always high-quality fabrics keeping baby’s comfort and skin in mind.
4.Super cute and bubbly prints ever.
5.Support Team available on facebook/call / WhatsApp ready to help you!


The diaper contains natural fabrics and hence takes at-least 5 washes to reach optimum absorbency. **Please Read instructions leaflet and call us on our helpline at the number mentioned in the flyer.** 

This product falls under the Non-Returnable and Non-refundable category. 

If you are new to cloth diapering, it may take some learning to get it right. Please feel free to reach out to us for any help. We will be happy and prompt to reply! Our helpline – / +91 9745092806

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