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Baby Quilt - Kite & Heart

Baby Quilt - Kite & Heart

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  • We at Kiddiehug love muslin for ample reasons. Your baby’s comfort and sleep quality are extremely vital in their early age development.
  • Designed keeping that in mind, our reversible Quilted Muslin Blankets are made to provide soft and cozy insulation to your baby’s body.
  • Our multi layered blanket gives the baby a cloud like feeling due to its softness and is big enough to be with your baby through their growing years.
  • Available in cute and fun styles, you’ll have a hard time getting your baby out of these blankets!

More info:

  1. Muslin Quilts – The soft quilted texture of this blanket provides cozy insulation to your baby’s body giving them a comfortable sleep all night
  2. Breathable – The breathable muslin fabric made from open weave stitching prevents your baby from overheating at night
  3. Cloud Like Feel – The multiple layers of Muslin used to make this blanket makes your baby feel like they are sleeping in the clouds.
  4. Durable – Made with generous size and love, this blanket will be with your baby through their growing years.


100% Organic Cotton Muslin
Number of layers : 3
Size : 100*100cms

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