Potty Training pants

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Potty Training Pants - Dazzling Dolphins

Potty Training Pants - Dazzling Dolphins

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  • Kiddiehug Reusable Bamboo Training Pants are made with the brand's signature silky soft and cooling bamboo fabric in a Y-front, pull-up design.
  • The centre portion has an absorbent padding, hidden within the comfortable bamboo lining. Specially designed to allow toddlers to feel wetness to aid potty training, while minimising accidents.
  • Available in One Adjustable Size (9-18 kg), it is breathable, light and waterproof. Great option for parents who wish to wean the child off diapers.
  • Concealed inner pad for super absorbency. Bamboo fabric that is very soft and comfortable. Promotes independence with pull-up style design.
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried. Breathable, anti-static material that lasts against fading.
  • Lightweight daytime use. Adjustable size from 9-18 kg.
  • Great option for parents who need something to help kids differentiate between diapers and potty trainers.


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More About Bamboo Fibre:

  1.  Bamboo is 30% more absorbent than cotton.
  2.  Bamboo absorbs bad odour and toxic substances from water.
  3.  Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal.
  4.  Free from toxic chemicals, fragrance and alcohol
  5.  Machine washable. Place in laundry net for longer lifespan