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Bamboo Terry Prefold With Loop & Tie

Bamboo Terry Prefold With Loop & Tie

Rs. 290.00

KiddieHug bamboo terry prefolds are silky soft and are a luxurious cloth diaper choice. 

Our prefolds are made from our custom milled bamboo terry fabric in a 2*4*2 configuration with 2 layers on each side panel and 4 layers through the centre panel providing up to 8 layers of absorbency. They can be used directly in a number of folds, held together with the attached tie/external fastener or padfolded within a cover / pocket diaper.



- Up to 4 times more absorbent than cotton
- wrap and fasten with a kiddiehug diaper fastener for newborns & diaper free time.
- Trifold and use as extra boosting for pocket / R2W


 35cm X 36cm - great for newborns regardless of size. 

Fabric Composition:

70% Bamboo terry

30% Organic Cotton


Availability: In stock

Because they have such a high percentage of bamboo, they are more absorbent then other types of bamboo prefolds or inserts, and won't shrink from being run through the dryer. They contain no synthetic materials (like fleece, charcoal bamboo, or microfiber), meaning no bulk! These prefolds are super light and trim, perfect for everyday use. Bamboo terry is very absorbent, making these prefolds perfect for moderate to heavy wetters.


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